VADER I Mobile Brush Wash


Quality of the Wash

A high quality and uniform Brush Wash every time! With the Vader I System, your crew is able to remove the road film, soot and chemical deposits that non-brush washes leave behind. After a few washes your fleet will be easier to keep clean with a smooth, hard surface restored. The brush will not scratch even the most delicate decals or graphics.

Lower Cost

Money saved is money earned! The high efficiency of the Vader I means your staff can wash a trailer in 8 minutes with a total cost of less than $4.00 (including labor, soap, fuel, and other costs).

Environmentally Friendly

The Vader I is a solution to the environmental restrictions affecting your washing! As result of our shielded brush, catch basin and water reuse system, the Vader I is able to capture nearly all of the water that would normally hit the ground. Water captured is reused for the next wash with clean water always used for rinsing. Our units normally provide compliance with the EPA "No Off-Property Discharge" requirements.


Used Vader's For Sale!! Available now!! Call 800-541-6299 for more information and pictures!

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